Complications in GI & HPB surgery

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Surgery is a part of treatment for many diseases and it is the only treatment for many diseases that exist. Precision in surgery and outcomes of the disease are changing day by day. It is very important to learn new techniques and to master every surgical technique in order to have a better surgical outcome. As the world is growing beyond the horizon the same is true for the surgical field but at the same time certain risk, certain mishaps, and certain complications are also inevitable. If you learn from the experience of a learned person, then u don’t need to experiment with everything on your own. This book comprises of experience in surgical gastroenterology, laparoscopy & hepatobiliary surgery-related mishaps, and complications that have arisen either out of variation in anatomy, variation in physiology or error of human judgment.

This book is designed to supplement rather than replace facts and evidence that exists in modern-day surgical practice. Every textbook, literature or the research paper is usually directed towards a guideline or standard management protocol for particular disease or problem and most of the time, we don’t find significant literature to combat the real-life situation of dealing with complications, especially which are not described in standard text books. So, the editors in this book have tried to compile their cases based experience and its management for the benefit of residents, fellow surgeon, and consultant. Along with the case-based learning, video links of standard GI surgery cases are also given.


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